Computer-Assisted Robot-Enhanced Systems
Military Robotics Photograph

Military Robotics

The military robotics research group focuses on warfighter-centered human-robot interface development, mobile manipulation enhanced with augmented reality (AR), and enhanced perspective for inspection, surveillance, reconnaissance, and situation awareness.  Our work also includes robots functioning in teams that feature semi-autonomous behaviors for chemical trace detection.

Image Processing

In our military projects, we are interested in applying computer vision to real-world problems.  We are developing an algorithm that allows operators to point to a location in the robot’s video feed, and the robot automatically navigates to the goal point.  We are also interested in using augmented reality to enhance an operator’s mobile manipulation.  We are working on algorithms that build a 3D model using image features as the robot moves through its environment.

Swarm Robotics

Our research group is studying the use of multiple robots (swarms) to see if they can effectively be used to explore an environment and locate threats in less time than a single robot.  We have designed a test platform that combines virtual and real robots in order to test our algorithms without the cost and maintenance of using all real robots.  We are also developing methods that facilitate the control of a swarm of robots by a single operator.

Selected Publications

Ground Robotics