Computer-Assisted Robot-Enhanced Systems
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Medical Research

Our research group is engaged in a wide array of medical research activities ranging from medical robotics to cancer detection.  Our robotics applications focus on methods for enhancing surgeon-computer interfaces in the hopes of improving performance, reducing costs, minimizing training time, and reducing surgery time.  Our cancer detection research involves the application of  cutting edge techniques to distinguish various types of cancer from healthy tissue.  We work closely with surgeons (Dr. Michael Klein, Dr. Don Weaver) and pathologists at the DMC/Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Medical Robotics

The medical robotics group (in conjunction with Children's Hospital) focuses on enhancing the latest surgeon-computer interfaces. We incorporate intelligent augmentation of surgeon tasks to enhance the accuracy and operation time of surgeons. We apply tracked training performance data of surgeons to reduce the surgeon learning curve and streamline training. Using both in-house microsurgical robotic platforms and laparoscopic training systems, we ensure that our research has real-world applications.

Cancer Detection

We are applying a light-based sensing technique known as Raman spectroscopy to the identification of cancer cells.  Our systems are capable of  distinguishing numerous types of cancers (e.g. pediatric brain tumors) from healthy tissue with high accuracy and low cost.  Our algorithms enable the real-time classification of human tissue to aid in cancer removal surgeries.

Angott Medical Products
Our latest project is a commercial project in which our team is developing the prototype of a breast cancer detection robtic system.  Click here to see the product we are working on.

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