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Creform Applications--Portable Communication Device

Picture of Portable Communication Mount

Jo Brighton Skills Center, Wayne Country, MI

The Portable Communication Device was designed to make augmentative communication systems more accessible in a classroom atmosphere. The communication system is mounted on a PVC frame, and the frame is attached to the Creform supports. The entire structure is set on casters so that it can be easily moved between workstations.

The Creform legs of the device have telescoping capabilities, which allows the device to be seated anywhere between 31" and 47" from the ground. With this capability, staff can adjust the device to accomodate various types of workers. For storage, the PVC top mount flips down, allowing the whole device to fit underneath a table (see below).

Picture of Device from Storage View
For more information regarding
this device, contact Jo Brighton Skills Center
at (313) 246-8340.

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