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Creform Applications--Bocce Ball Ramp
Picture of Wayne County Bocce Ball Ramp
Wayne County Bocce Ball Ramp

Truman High School, Wayne County, MI and
Warren Woods Tower High School, Macomb County, MI
Two different models of Bocce ball ramps are presently being used in the Region IV Consortium. The first model, as shown above, was designed by staff at Truman High School in Wayne County, MI. The device has three adjustable leg supports so that the PVC ramp may be positioned at various angles, and this adjustability allows both mobile and wheelchair-bound students to participate in the game.

The second model, as shown below, was designed by staff at Warren Woods Tower High School in Macomb County, MI. This ramp, which features adjustable legs to accomodate wheelchairs of various sizes, was designed particularly for students in wheelchairs. Students independently pull their wheelchairs up the the table-like device and release the balls onto the staging platform. Bumpers on the staging platform guide the balls into the PVC ramp, allowing the students to play the game with minimal staff supervision.

Previous setups for adaptive Bocce Ball games were cumbersome and required students to rely on a great deal of staff assistance. The PVC ramps were balanced on chairs or tables, and staff had to guide the students to put the ball into the ramp.

Picture of Macomb Bocce Ball Ramp
 Macomb Bocce Ball Ramp
For more information regarding the Wayne
County Bocce Ball Ramp, contact Truman High
School at (313) 946-6618.
For information regarding the Macomb
 County version, contact Warren Woods
   Tower High School at (810) 445-6312.

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