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Creform Applications--Small Engine Repair Station
Picture of Small Engine Repair Station

Lutz School for Work Experience, Macomb County, Michigan

    The Creform Small Engine Repair Station was designed to support power equipment, such as lawn mowers, small engines, and snow blowers, up to 180 pounds. The workstation has a wide, stable base which provides for a secure work environment, and the lightweight construction allows the device to be moved easily around the work site.

    Other work station setups are not as ergonomically sound as the Creform Small Engine Repair Station. Alternative work stations involve balancing the machinery on chairs and tables to change the oil or perform other service operations. This setup is not easily portable, and it poses safety hazards for the workers. As there is no useful place for an oil collection pan or tool storage, oil spills are frequent and tools are unorganized.

    The Creform Small Engine Repair Station has supports within its frame for an oil collection pan, which allows a worker to place the pan directly under the oil drain of the engine being worked on. This feature works to eliminate most oil spills during jobs. The tools necessary for each job may be hung from hooks on the frame of he device, which aids in saving time and keeping the workplace organized. This setup decreases the amount of staff supervision required for each job while increasing trainee production and satisfaction.

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Creform Work Repair Station, contact
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