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Creform Applications

Creform systems consist of plastic-coated metal pipes, joints, and other specialized accessories. Creform features a strong, yet lightweight construction and requires only a ruler, pipe cutter, file, and a standard Allan wrench for construction, and Creform products are easily adjustable to reflect changes in the work environment or in the product itself. The components of the products may be disassembled and reused in other assemblies as products or processes change, and this flexibility makes Creform a useful accessory in Kaizen activities.

Creform has been used to fulfill a variety of needs in a number of settings for a number of functions:

Carts/Storage Devices | Communication Device Supports and Mounts | Recreation | Tables/Workstations | Tools | Transportation/Positioning

Carts/Storage Devices

Adjustable Height Cart
Adjustable TV Stand
Ball Storage Pyramid
Broom Holder*new website addition*
Crash Cart
Delivery Cart
Delivery Trailer
Ergonomic Occupational Therapy Cart
Garden Watering Cart
Hydraulic Lift Frame
Kitchen Bin Holder
Mail Cart*new website addition*
Mobile Supply Center
Tray Holder
Wheelchair Delivery Wagon

Communication Device Supports and Mounts

Communication Aid Support
Communication Device Mounting System
Dynavox Mount
Dynavox Positioning Frame
Head Support for Anti-Tipping Chair with Switch Mount
Mobile Communication Easel
Portable Communication Mount
Secure Communication System Desk Mount
Two-Way Portable Communication Easel


Active Learning Cubicle
Adjustable Activity Stand
Bocce Ball Ramp
Bowling Ball Ramp
Hanging Frame
Pool-Shower Chair Lift*new website addition*
Scooter Extension Handles
Therapy Ball Holder
Three Tier Basketball Cart
Wheelchair Ball Positioner


Adjustable Shredding Table
Adjustable Table
Adjustable Work Table
Adjustable Workstation
Adjustable Workstation Table
Adult-Size Wheelchair Table
Barrier Free Changing Table
Changing Table
Conveyor Work Station Table
Garden Organizer
Multi-Task Table
Potting Cart
Pre-Vocational Workstation
Production Workstation Table
Treatment Table
Work Repair Station


Adjustable Toilet Frame
Adjustable Toilet Seat
Assistive Standing Device
Crutch Holder for Walker
Retractable Foot Support
Universal Switch Mount
Walker Tray
Wheelchair Backpack Frame


Adjustable Wedge Frame
AMOS Chair
(Modified) AMOS Chair
Ball Chair
Bee Mobile Chair
Floor Sitter
Hemi Assist
Mobile Arm Support Stand
Platform Walker and Standing Frame
Rolling Desk Chair
Rolling Platform Walker with Seat
Rolling Swivel Frame
Sidelyer Frame
Sidelyer Frame (modified)
Supine Lyer Frame
Tilting Feeder Seat Base
Toddler Seat
Upper Extremity Wheelchair Exercise Frame

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